MLOps in academia is catching up with the industry and so should you. Find out how ML looks different in research vs in production, and what it means to deploy your model and keep it alive in production.

You have to think about ML and DevOps (MLOps) together if you want your models to be sustainable and add value to the business in the long run.

June 16, 2021

This article discusses why Data Science efforts should include deployment of models, challenges associated with it, and in particular reproducibility- what it means and how we can measure it.

Let’s say that you just pushed a high-performing model to production. You’re done, right?

No, not really. This…

In the last post I mentioned, I’m building this website with Gatsby and explained why. So far I have a working version of my Gatsby site locally. In this post, I’ll go through the steps to host this site using GitHub Pages.

1. Create a new repository named <your-username> GitHub…

This post is an introduction to Gatsby.js and some of its amazing features.

A few weeks ago I started building this website with Gatsby. In this post, I will explain what I’ve learned about Gatsby and my reasons for using it to build this website.

I’m no web development expert…

This long path with the sunshine and shade is fun to run along.

I completed my first 10 km run a few weeks ago and it felt awesome! I felt so good, I decided to write this while I was running, and I began listing the things I wanted to share with you in my mind. I remember wishing I could record my…

Perhaps the explosion of the internet circa 2000 is indicative of the surge in the usage of the word ‘authentication’ during that same time as shown in the Google Trends graph.

For a user to have access to these services they would have to first enter into the web application. And this entrance was facilitated by means of a Simple Login. For example, to login to your account on a website you would have to enter your Username and Password into…

Not the squash we will perform with git.

I’ve used Git for the past few years now. Albeit only locally for version control. This summer I started working on a remote internship. And, you guessed it, we use Git and GitHub. For me, this opened the door to collaborative aspects of Git and GitHub.

Sometimes I go on…

Rhea Rodrigues

I'm a data scientist. Python and SQL are my bread and butter. Besides data science I write about running, reading and pretty much anything I enjoy.

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