• Prasad Shinde

    Prasad Shinde

    iOS | Node.js | Android | Machine Learning Enthusiast

  • Natalie Janas

    Natalie Janas

    Writer. Educator. Aspiring cook. French horn player. Avid hiker. Ideally all at the same time.

  • Vince Sesto

    Vince Sesto

    Vincent Sesto is a DevOps Engineer, Endurance Athlete, Coach and Author. One of his passion’s in life is endurance sports as both an athlete, coach and author.

  • Renee


  • Christopher Knight

    Christopher Knight

    Developer Evangelist @XeroAPI — helping devs to integrate with our API’s to build ecosystem businesses.

  • Hironori Matsuno

    Hironori Matsuno

  • Rebecca Ramshaw

    Rebecca Ramshaw

    I’m a trail runner and hiker living in West Yorkshire, UK. I love to write about running, health and life post-30.

  • Varun Pimplé

    Varun Pimplé

    UX Designer at Fractal Ink

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